Budget Development Guide
Guidelines and instructions for creating a research project budget.
 Conflict of Interest, Individual
Policy on Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
 Costshare Request
Request form for cost-sharing in external funding.
 F&A Rate Reduction Request
Facilities & Administrative Rate Reduction Request.
 Facilities and Admin Cost Rates
Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate Agreement.
 Fast Lane Help
NSF's FastLane Website User Manual
 Fellowship Application
Directions and required documents for fellowship applications.
 Funding Information Portal
A collection of databases and other resources selected to help UNC graduate students apply for funding opportunities.
 Grants – Admin Memo
Administrative memorandum regarding the revised guidelines for administering sponsored programs at UNC-CH.
 Kirschstein Fellowship Application
Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Fellowship Application.
 NIH Grant Award ID System
Guidelines for grant application/award identification numbering system and a list of grant and cooperative agreement types.
 Office of Sponsored Research
Link to the homepage for the Office of Sponsored Research.
 PHS 398 – Checklist
PHS 398 Application Checklist
 PHS 398 – Grant Application
Grant Application - PHS 398 Face Page
 Prior Approval Form
Institutional Prior Approval System (IPAS) for UNC-CH sponsored projects.
 Prior Approval Form Instructions
Institutional Prior Approval System (IPAS) for UNC-CH sponsored projects.
 Proposal Application Information
Institutional information for proposal applications, fringe benefits, and proposal submission & schedule.
 Request for Funding
Request for funding to be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development.
 Subcontractor Agreement – Incoming
Letter template for incoming UNC-CH subcontractor commitment.
 Subcontractor Agreement – Outgoing
Letter template for outgoing UNC-CH subcontractor commitment.
 E-Pro – FAQ’s
Frequently asked questions regarding UNC-CH eProcurement.
 E-Pro – Suppliers
This link includes a list of the current university eProcurement suppliers
 E-Pro – Tips
Tips and time saving strategies for using E-Pro.
 Missing Itemized Receipt Form
Missing Itemized Receipt Affidavit
 P-Card – FAQ’s
Frequently asked questions regarding UNC-CH purchasing cards.
 P-Card – Maintenance Form
Account maintenance form for UNC-CH purchasing card.
 P-Card – Missing Receipt Form
Affidavit to be completed if a receipt is missing from a P-card transaction.
 P-Card – Reconciler How-To
Guide for reconciling P-card transactions
 P-Card – Tips
Tips and time saving strategies for using a UNC-CH purchasing card.
 Personal Reimbursement Guidelines
List of acceptable documentation and guidelines for personal reimbursements.
 Purchasing – Decision Tree
Instructions for use of the Decision Tree, which helps identify the recommended purchasing method for commodities and services.
 Sole Source Sample
This includes a sample of a sole source justification needed for purchasing an item >$5,000 from a single vendor
 Tax Exempt Letter
Tax exempt letter to UNC-CH business partner.
 Waiver of Competition
Customer request for a brand/vendor-specific waiver of competition.
 Airfare (CABS) – General Information
General information on the Central Airfare Billing System (CABS)

 Airfare Process (CABS)
Chemistry process for airfare requests

 Airfare Travel Policy
Department of Chemistry Airfare Travel Policy

 Rental Car (Enterprise)
Policy and Link to University approved rental car vehicle reservation system (enterprise)

 Rental Car Justification
Explanation of rental car justification and non-allowable reimbursements.

 Travel Expense Form – Affiliate
Department of Chemistry travel expense form for faculty, staff, students and postdocs

 Travel Expense Form – Non-Affiliate
Department of Chemistry travel expense form for external travelers (eg: speakers)

 Travel FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions and answers for Chemistry travelers

 Travel Reimbursement Rates
University rates for travel expenses including mileage, meals, and lodging

 University Travel Policy
Current university travel policy and tools. Refer to the chemistry process documents for contacts and workflow

Business Entertainment Decision Tree and Policy
This includes a decision tree and policy for business entertainment expenses
Business Entertainment Expense Form
Request for payment or reimbursement of business entertainment expenses to be submitted in works or to your support staff member for processing.
Request – Alcoholic Beverage Event
Form for requesting permission to serve alcoholic beverages at a university sponsored event.