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Buildings & Safety

Buildings & Safety

 Chemistry Labs Access Form
Grants 24/7/365 access to the exterior doors of Caudill and Kenan Laboratories via your UNC ONECARD. Keys for interior building doors may also be requested using this form.
 Conference and Classroom Reservation Information
Find information on classrooms, conference rooms, capacity and who to contact for a reservation
 Confidential Paper Recycling
Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling Homepage
 Long Term Storage Request Form
Grants permission to store equipment and materials in Kenan Labs, Morehead Labs, Caudill, Murray, and Venable Labs.
 Chemistry Department Parking Guidelines
Guidelines for department of Chemistry parking
 Chemistry Visitor Parking Guidelines
Guidelines for visitor parking passes obtained from the chemistry department’s HR office.
 Parking Reservation Forms
Request parking for various events (summer program, men’s basketball, football, etc.)
 Visitor Parking Information
Parking options for on-campus visitors.
 Best Safety Practices
Guidelines for appropriate laboratory safety measures approved by chemistry department faculty.
 COVID-19 Safety Poster
This poster details steps that everyone should take to keep themselves and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
 EHS Compliance Portal
EHS Compliance Portal sign on w/ ONYEN.
 EHS Lab Safety Plan Login
Laboratory Safety Plan Login w/ ONYEN.
 Emergency Contacts
In case of an accident or injury in any Department of Chemistry building, all personnel employed by UNC must seek assistance per this ordered list
 Phase 2 Group Protocols
This set of documents pertains to lab groups in the Department of Chemistry